Vegan “Buttered” Noodles


2 Tbs plus 2 tsp Badia Seasoning

1 lb Noodles of your choice

1 cup Vegan Cheese Sauce (from my Macaroni recipe)

1 tsp salt

opt. Spinach/Broccoli


  1. Boil enough water for your noodles. Add in your salt and Badia Seasoning to the water. Add in your noodles.
  2. When done drain all but a couple tablespoons of liquid. Or drain and collect half a cup of liquid.
  3. Add in your sauce and liquid, add in 2 tsp of extra seasoning. Stir well.

opt. 4. Add in broccoli when boiling or spinach until the noodles are almost done.



Okay this one needs a little bit of explanation. I know what you guys are thinking- you can’t possibly make a whole food plant based recipe that even comes close to the simplicity and deliciousness of buttered noodles. JUST LISTEN GUYS. THIS TASTED CREAMY AND SALTY AND SUBTLE AND AWESOME. This recipe I found by accident, as all good and atrocious recipes start out. I didn’t have enough sauce to make macaroni and so I thought to myself. How do I make the fastest noodle dish possible for lunch?

Well years ago when I ate animal products I remembered buttered noodles. A little salt a little butter, maybe some parsley… yum. It was a ten minute dish I made after school when I was feeling particularly lazy.

But as I continued to cook I made the most delicious buttered noodles known to man… also the most unhealthy. I cooked the noodles with ramen seasoning, added in a little hot sauce for that acidic kick and stirred in butter and the barest hint of cheese until my taste buds sang.
When I became vegan I had forgotten all about this little guilty pleasure and I thought maybe I can recreate a similar style easy-peazy-lemon-squeezy dish for those days when you don’t have more than fifteen minutes of effort to create dinner or lunch for yourself. In my case my two year old was whining for a noodle dish after I had slaved over a glorious mediterranean creation for an hour. OF COURSE.

I threw things in the pot and stirred my spoon like a witch at a cauldron until I cackled at the magical contents until my old memories spontaneously combusted at my new creation. I served it to my child and grinned when she wolfed it down as fast as I did. YOU HAVE NO IDEA WHAT IT TAKES TO GET FOOD INTO HER. Usually it is light snacks all day long where meals are slowly and laboriously eaten over the course of an hour or so.

Some tips though so you don’t mess it up.

  1. Make sure to generously season your water so the noodles can soak up flavor. This happens because of diffusion and salt imbalances. If you don’t put enough in, the noodles will absorb until the seasoning In the noodles is equal to the seasoning in the water. You don’t want to skip this. It’s the only way to get the flavor INSIDE of the noodle. This is much more powerful than just seasoning afterward or even toward the end of cooking. I repeat. Do not skip.
  2. Do not rinse the noodles and save a bit of water to add in after draining. The starchy seasoned water makes the noodles slide against each other in ways reminiscent of butter or cheese. Add too little and it sticks together like yuck. Add too much and obviously you have watery noodles. My rule is a tablespoon of water at a time until your desired consistency is reached. I personally like my noodles very creamy and saucy.
  3. Add in your sauce before you add in your water, unless you are a master or a gambler. I myself am a lazy drainer and do so without a colander. I pour enough water out, eyeball it and dump other ingredients in haphazardly and half the time it works out. Don’t be me guys.
  4. Use your favorite all purpose salty seasoning if you don’t have Badia. (It can be found in the mexican aisle). I personally use it because it doesn’t have as much preservatives and it delicious.
  5. This is just a preparation tip, make the cheese sauce on your macaroni days and use the inevitable leftovers for this fast and easy dish. I personally have about a cup of sauce leftover almost everytime I make a veganroni dish.


That’s about it. Let me know how it works out.




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